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Jennie 基本解释

1. 珍妮:戴德生的前后两任夫人玛莉亚(Maria)和珍妮(Jennie)是他进入中国内地事奉最大的支持者. 不但无怨无悔忍受危险的传道生活,为他照顾年幼的儿女,又深入内地賑灾,接触中国妇女. 两任夫人是戴德生不可缺少的事奉伙伴.

2. 何怡阳:34 黄梦婷 Yuki | 36 何怡阳 Jennie | 28 陈宇 Katherine ★

3. 詹妮(女子名):Westfield韦斯菲尔德(美国地名) | Jennie詹妮(女子名) | Graham Osborne 格雷厄姆. 奥斯本

4. 江秀鉚 陳虹妤 洪孟智 麗莉:林怡君 陳柏瑄 林穗燕 蔡麗珠 jared | 江秀鉚 陳虹妤 洪孟智 麗莉 jennie | 江秀釧 黃清煌 陳秋燕 don jon

Jennie 双语例句

1. Speaking of the service hobby, Jennie and her younger sister do not have what something in common nearly就业务爱好而言,珍妮和她妹妹几乎没有什么共同之处

2. You`re a little stouter, Jennie.我看你的身体结实起来了,珍妮。

3. Jennie的反义词

3. He was thought to be convalescing, however, when just six weeks after he had last parted with Jennie, he was seized with a sudden attack of heart failure and never regained consciousness.后来大家当他已在痊复期中了,谁知刚在他跟珍妮别后的六个礼拜上,他又忽然害起心脏麻痹症来,从此就再也不能恢复知觉。

4. Jennie learned from Mr. Watson that it was to be transferred to Cincinnati, where the Paces had a vault.珍妮曾听华生说,将来遗体是要送到辛辛那提去安葬的,因为贝斯家有个墓窖在那里。

5. Jennie

5. Jennie was never to have a lover if her father had any voice in the matter.珍妮如果不经父亲的允准,就断断不能有钟爱的人。

6. To be returned to Jennie Cowdell at GIHE AS soon AS possible after the organizing session.在筹备会召开后尽可能早地交回给珍妮。考德尔。

7. Going home she worried almost incessantly, and talked with Jennie about it.她一路回家,心中不住的着恼,就把这桩事告诉珍妮。

8. This thesis studies the translator's consideration for potential readers in literary translation through comparative study of two Chinese versions of Jennie Gerhardt.本文拟通过《珍妮姑娘》两个译本的对比来研究译者在翻译时对译文读者期待视野的关照。

9. It arrived at the Auditorium, and Jennie was escorted to Lester`s room.一会儿到达公会堂,珍妮就被伴送到雷斯脱的房间里。

10. Jennie was his companion now, and as he more and more unbended, and even joyously flung aside the habiliments of his dignity, her perception of him grew clearer.现在她已经成为他的伴侣,而他一天天的宽解了甚至欣然抛开了他的尊严所用的服装,她对他的认识也就一天天的更加清楚。

11. If Lester had married Jennie and accepted the comparatively meagre income of ten thousand a year he would have maintained the same attitude to the end.他这态度中有一种毛病,就在他不肯去整理事情,不肯去求事情的进步,只让一切事情向着一个不确定的目标任意迁流下去。

12. Jennie, pondering after the subtle emotional turn which her evening`s sympathetic expedition had taken, was lost in a vague confusion of emotions.珍妮既然熟虑那天晚上因同情的冒险而起的深微的心情变化,就落入一种模模糊糊的混乱情绪中。

13. I have greasy skin and I need some make up that have a great staying power.Jennie on June 17,2007这是我使用的最好的一只眼线笔咯。


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